Customers using Echeck option no longer have to wait for an invoice to be emailed. The ECHECK option is now the default in your cart at checkout. Input your info for immediate checkout with Greenpayment.

We are still unable to take credit/debit card payments at this time but we are working on having this option again soon. Please keep checking back and thank you for your patience.


  Our primary payment method is electronic check but we do also accept money orders and crypto currency.

If none of these methods work for you or, if you'd like further information, please e-mail us at

**Please note... Any person using E-Check with us for the first time MUST wait until their check clears before we can mail out orders.**

We have just added express shipping as a product that can be added to your cart.  Please read the details before purchasing and be sure to not purchase it as a stand alone item or the pricing will not come out correct.

Extra special thank you to all of our customers for your patience and understanding over the past several months.

You're the best!  We love you!!








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