We did our monthly kilo giveaway drawing and the final drawing for our lucky friends that ordered on BlackFriday.  You can see if you were one of the three winners HERE Also included in the video important detailed Echeck instructions. Anyone who has Bitcoin BTC, Litecoin LTC, or Ethereum ETH and would like to pay with one those leave a comment of which one in the "order notes" during checkout and we'll email you our Wallet address


At this time we will be accepting E-check payments until we get our processor issues resolved. Please be advised due to excessive bounced checks in the past, orders will not ship until your check has cleared. This will delay delivery several days. Sorry for this inconvenience but it is our only option at this time. We are still hoping to have credit card processing back up and running soon.

Instructions for using Echeck you will be mailed an invoice that will come from "Green Money".  These invoices are manually sent from us so please allow us time to get them to you, especially when ordering after hours.  Invoices will only be sent during business hours.  Within the Green Money invoice is a link that will take you to their very secure site where you can input your checking information.  This information MUST come from a paper check.  No other account can be used!!  Not a prepaid card, not a deposit only checking account!!  Only accounts that checks can be drawn off of can be used.

Once your information is submitted, funds will be immediately verified but then it WILL take several days to be withdrawn.  Please keep this in mind.  Any bounced checks or checks submitted with incorrect information will be charged a $20 bounced check fee.











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