A Message To Our Life Force K Family

We would like to take a moment to assure everyone that we are taking the COVID-19 threat seriously. This means that we are doing everything we can, both professionally and personally, to combat the spread of the virus.

Ourselves and our employees (5 total, including Mike and I) are staying up to date and following closely the recommendations put in place by the CDC as well as following restrictions put in place by our local agencies. In many cases, we are exceeding sanitation recommendations and prohibiting anyone who isn’t feeling “right” from entering the premises.

Along with the above mentioned, all packaging of foreign products are being fully sanitized prior to entering the building.

Our intent is to continue to provide you all with with the highest quality products in the safest manner possible. We ask that you all do your part to stop the spread while also being aware of those in need. We feel that a strong community, full of compassion for others is what is needed most right now. Look out for those around you and know that your actions in the upcoming weeks WILL affect the future outcome of this virus.

We’ll continue to keep you up to date on any changes pertaining to LFK right here on our homepage.

For specific virus questions and up to date information, here is the link to the CDC's website: 

Stay well!!
Dana & Mike


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