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Hello world!
May 21, 2016 Richard Taveira

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  1. Fernandez 7 years ago

    Well alright we’re back in business ??I am so glad and will remain a loyal patron to life force ! I love your friendly business ethics Mike & Dana keep up that great work ,
    Your friend ,Fernandez
    Ps I would love to score a prize lol?

  2. Mary J 7 years ago

    Thank you Mike and Dana for the wonderful service you have provided ! I’m a dedicated customer and will always order my kratom from your website.❤️?

  3. Phillip Rhew 7 years ago

    Yea so I have to be honest. Lifeforce is one of my favorite vendors by far. Between the great customer service, quality product and tendency to go the extra mile I think they deserve some recognition. I was excited to just get my Kratom in the mail but when I opened the bag to find two other samples of Jong kong, raffle tickets, honey sticks, Easter candy and a signed card along side my Kratom I felt like it was my birthday. Won my loyalty to sure

  4. Terri Mitchell 6 years ago

    I am a new customer and now a long term customer. I love the service, product and special touches these owners provide. Thanks so much!

    • eileenj1960 6 years ago

      I am a new customer. I found you through a YouTube video which raved about your company. I can’t wait to get my order! This is the first time of trying Kratom. 🙂 What impressed me is the huge selection, your customer service and your prices! I hope to become a long term customer. Thank you also for a really nice website.

  5. Stephen Weatherly 6 years ago

    i heard so many good things about Mike and Dana, as far as Customer Svc… i just placed my first order, cant wait to lesrn the true experience…. i been con’d by so many local retail stores, i hardly know the correct strain for myself…..
    lookimg forward to remaining a steady customer, thx again.

  6. Elijah Kenney 6 years ago

    I purchased 250 grams of “Dark Green” and was very happy with the results! I now have ordered 50g red horn, 50g green Kapuas, and 125g of white elephant. I’m excited and ready to enjoy burning these.

  7. Nicholas cleveland 6 years ago

    Just want to say thank you to Mike and Dana for all your help with my first order. There is no BS here! You got a long and loyal customer from here on out. Thank you from being strait up like family should be. Proud to be a new part of the life force family. Thanks again.

  8. Chris 6 years ago

    I love the Life Force crew and Mike and Dana are the real deal. Super nice, very professional and sell a superior product to most other vendors I’ve tried. The selection is great. Their prices are very reasonable considering the quality and if there is a problem they go out of there way to fix it. I could buy from other vendors and save some money but to me it’s just not worth it. You can’t put a price on the service you get from these fine folks and as far as im concerned I’ll go nowhere else for my Kratom. Thanks for everything M and D.
    – customer for life

  9. cpalmer208 6 years ago

    mike and dana your the best

  10. mccann0812 6 years ago

    New Kratom user here. Was doing some research on Kratom and came accross Menthol youtube video talking about how great your company is! I just got my first package today and I love how easy it was to order. Got my order super fast and love the personalised note. I have one question. What is the honey tube looking things? Are they honey or a little something extra. I couldnt find it in the online store. So could someone help me out and tell be what it is lol.

    • Dana Rainha 6 years ago

      Those are flavored honey sticks. They’re just a little sweet treat we like to include with all of our packages 🙂

  11. messertruckn420 6 years ago

    Well just placed my firs order never tried kratom but I’m really wanting to ..I just hope for some easy going times and no stress.

  12. hlaser99 6 years ago

    Hi Guys!

    First time user and I hope Kraton helps with my health issues???
    Wish there was a critique of each strain with its strong points, etc …
    Guess I will have to try them over time, to find the best strain for my different issues.
    Thanks, William

  13. JLynn 6 years ago

    Hello … wanting to know what would be the best one to help boost your energy?

    • Dana Rainha 6 years ago

      Hi Jessica,

      everyone is different so its hard to say. a particular strain might be great for one person but just ok for another and visa versa. as far as energy boost there is a saying in the community “white for flight, red for bed, and green for in between” Some of our most popular white strains include White Kapuas, White thai, and White MD. Hope this helps some 🙂

  14. Jaidinromano1 6 years ago

    We usually order with a visa card, what are the other alternatives in ordering because we are interested in making more, larger purchases. Words fail me right now but your products have been very benefitial to me and turned my life around for the better. I can go on and on about how but it’s the same story you hear from others struggling with pain, insomnia and opiate addiction. Please notify us when we are able to use cards again or direct us to an alternative method of payment. God bless you all.

  15. Elizabeth Taylor 5 years ago

    Hi Dana and Mike. Visited family in Baltimore and now everyone wants your Kratom after me sharing. Ordered more but I have to get back home just to keep for myself (lol)..we all love your product and service. I will certainly be happy when the credit card service is back. Keep up the great work with quality product and customer service.

  16. Paula 5 years ago

    What are the honey sticks? Are they a kratom mixture?

    • Dana Rainha 5 years ago

      The honey sticks that are included with your order contain only honey. They’re just a little sweet treat we like to include with all of our packages. Enjoy!

  17. makana8789 5 years ago

    Hi mike and Dana you both have been very helpful and continue to be awesome dedicated people 🙂

  18. jkdgun702 5 years ago

    Another victory for AKA and all of us who took a stand for kratom.

  19. Bill hood 5 years ago

    Life Force I had been life changing for me,like a “Godsent”,thankyou more then you’ll ever know

  20. sophiagrenfell27 4 years ago

    I will only shop with Mike and Dana! I love the personal touches they put into each package. Very professional and caring. I received honey sticks and 2 free samples the 2 times I’ve ordered and a little hand written note. They are so positive and they really put a lot of care into each package. Not only that, but the product is very good for an excellent price!

  21. Todd Johnson 3 years ago

    You give the fastest time, through even usps! Friendlier than family! I mostly get kick-ass Kratom from Lifeforce! On my worst days at work or in general, I have a little LFK and my It feels like my chain has been oiled! My bearings have been greased! I can communicate with others, with care. I could go on and on etc! Thank you guys🙏🏻

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