Green Sumatra

Green Sumatra

Green Sumatra


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  • These products have not been evaluated by the FDA. They are not intended to treat, prevent, mitigate, or cure any diseases or condition. They are sold as a bulk botanical with no direction or instruction for use.
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These products have not been evaluated by the FDA. They are not intended to treat, prevent, mitigate, or cure any diseases or condition. They are sold as a bulk botanical with no direction or instruction for use.

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  1. This strain is a must try! When it comes to quality and customer service Mike and Dana stay on top. I got this as a sample and will definitely be ordering some soon. Very unique strain includes everything people seek in a well rounded green. One of my favorite green veins and actually one of my favorite kratom strains PERIOD. I also must include that their prices are very affordable and the quality is always great from all of my experiences.

  2. This strain is a must for everyone’s rotation. Very intense and long lasting with a great euphoric effect. Is amazing in small and large doses. I always look forward to green sumatra day!

  3. Best strain ever. This strain really surprised me. I never thought it was possible to reach the same euphoria, incredible.

  4. I’d estimate I’ve tried between 50-75 different strains from numerous vendors since discovering Kratom close to a year ago. Out of all those different strains this LFK Green Sumatra is the very best strain that I’ve ever had. Not sure it would be fair to put another strain at the same levels as this one so with that said put me down for a 6-star rating for this Green Sumatra 🙂

  5. This strain is a must! Not too overpowering, but definitely puts you at the right level mentally. The focus and energy are perfect! Give it a shot, you won’t regret it…

  6. I ordered plenty of this sumatra. Glad I did.

  7. I look fo ward to any of the Sumatra strains but green is best! Long lasting and euphoria is off the charts. Top 3 LG strains.

  8. This strain is a must have! You get awesome mood lift, pain relief, and energy from this one. It has a good duration and the onset is nice. Definitely a top 3 strain that I’ve ever had. The customer service is awesome. Shipping is fast.

  9. Awsome strain! It will be definitely added to my rotation. It was super euphoric and great pain killing properties. Great morning strain for me to get my day going. Mike and Dana have great customer service and excellent quality kratom. I just ordered from them for the first time and I’m totally impressed. Keep up the good work my friends.

  10. Very euphoric, long lasting strain, I’d say around 3-5 hours. My favorite strain by far. Find myself coming back to this one again and again and always have some on reserve in the cabinet! Thank you Mike and Dana

  11. My all time favorite strand, although the past 3-4 times I’ve ordered it just has not been the same, euphoria is close to non existent, and spinning sensation has taken over. Not sure of the reason but definitely a bummer. Wish I stocked up on this while the goodness lasted.

  12. Absolutely horrible didn’t do a thing for me…NOT ! No but really this is what a good green is all about. Everything you could want from Kratom and then some. Im a fan of reds and had never had really top-quality green until now. Dana and Mike are the best, their Kratom is top-shelf prices are really affordable. I just can’t say enough about them. You can’t go wrong with Life Force K and Green Sumatra!

  13. Got no benefits during three trials and three doses. 2g, 4g, 8g…expected much better from a raved product.

  14. Very nice! I’ll be ordering this again. Great pain killing along with a very nice euphoria. It lasted a good 4 hours which I really appreciated. It really depends on the dose with this one, weather it makes you tired or not some strains I just get tired and some motivated. Thank you Mike and Dana for seeking out good quality kratom.

  15. Last one was a typo sorry. This was a decent strain but wasn’t as good as I had hoped relative to the feedback. I probably would order again as it may have just been the batch.

  16. I actually took it for two months straight before the affect started to dampen from tolerance I never order from any other vender

  17. Everything about Dana and mike are amazing. I order from them regularly and they have been nothing but amazing! Quality and customer service is not found anywhere like this ! And yes this strain is incredible , try the green/white Kapuas

  18. My absolute FAVORITE! I use this strain primarily for pain relief from my Fibromyalgia. It’s been a life saver for me and my daily routine.
    As everyone’s body works differently it took me a long time to find the strain that worked for chronic pain, and this is it! Thanks again LFK for all you do!!! ♡♡♡

  19. Excellent all around strain. One of the best greens I have tried if not the best.

  20. Pretty good, but sometimes the quality can be inconsistant. Not just this strain either, but this was the latest that I’ve tried and had that problem with. Seems to be a problem that vendors have been facing now a days, but at least the price that LFK sells for is actually reasonable unlike many other vendors that sell the same quality with The prizes jacked up. The first time I purchased the Green Sumatra it was AMAZING, so I though I might as well up it and by the 250g bag. Received the 2nd order and it was SIGNIFICANTLY weaker than the first order. Aside from that, I’ve had some of the BEST quality stuff from this vendor.

  21. I can’t stress how much I love this strain. Every time I take it it’s long lasting and powerful. Typically I take a dose at 9am and still feel the effects when I get off at 5. For those whom are trying too get off opiates you will love this strain Takes my #1 spot. Nothing but good things too say about it

  22. I just got my green Sumatra and it got here super fast. Plus two samples! Found my new source. Thank you so much Dana and Mike

  23. Awesome strain. Never disappoints!! Dana and Mike are the best out there too. You’re supporting good people.

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