White Elephant

White Elephant

White Elephant


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These products have not been evaluated by the FDA. They are not intended to treat, prevent, mitigate, or cure any diseases or condition. They are sold as a bulk botanical with no direction or instruction for use.

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These products have not been evaluated by the FDA. They are not intended to treat, prevent, mitigate, or cure any diseases or condition. They are sold as a bulk botanical with no direction or instruction for use.

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  1. I am currently burning 5 grams of this strain that these amazing people gave me as a sample. It is morning time right now and I gotta say this beats coffee any day of the week. It is super smooth and gives the perfect amount of energy. Currently there is a very tasteful amount of well being and euphoria. Love it and thank you for the sample! I will be adding this to my rotation for sure.

  2. Wow! Must say that this white strain is perfect for those in search of pain relief without sedation and a strain that’s not as speedy as most whites are. In my opinion u can not find a strain as euphoric as this one. I burned 3 tsp of this and it’s as if I took 15mg hydro. Absoulutly perfect for anyone looking to wean off of addiction or for someone looking for a nice social lubricant and a clearheaded nirvana.

  3. Great people with a great company that has a personal touch with the the thank you notes and honey sticks. ☺ I have been taking Kratom a few months now. I have tried several white strains in the past from a different vendor. I tried each strain more than once and always got the jitters and a mild sick feeling. But with Wbite Elephant from LFK, I dont get any of that. I got a long smooth lasting energy with no crash at the end. At leadt my first 2 experiances have been like that. Great product .Will definately buy again. Thank you Mike and Dana.

  4. This strain blows me away, I’ve had it three different times now and every time I’ve taken it I get the same effects these include amazing pain and anxiety relief, amazing energy, euphoria and even some relaxation in higher doses. I love this strain and plan on getting more as soon as I have the money for it. This is a great strain for those looking for Kratoms Nootropic effects as well and for me that’s one reason I will continue to buy this wonderful strain!

  5. This strain is really amazing. Coming off of subs it has helped not only with wd but to provide a fantastic calming energy and mood lift thru the day to actually be focused and productive. At night I’ll take a red for sleep but in the morning nothing has beaten this strain for me. Thank you LFK!

  6. I’ve tried many kratom strains, this is my favorite! I’ll definitely keep the White Elephant in my rotation.

  7. Hands down best white strain I’ve ever tried. Absolutely great for energy and depression. Last forever!

  8. I cant comment on this product alone as I take it with equal parts Green Sumatra, usually a gram of each. This blend gives a nice body euphoria with steady energy. Great for doing chores or working on a project. I take it with grape juice to cut the taste and it goes down easy. Buying online is usually very impersonal so the hand written note was a nice touch and a business ethic I appreciate. I will definitely order here again. The included samples let me try something without having to order quantity.

  9. This one is a great energy and long-lasting I would use it over and over

  10. I have purchased kratom from many vendors and LF is the best by far. I use this product as a pre-workout and it is outstanding. It gives me the drive to push my training while taking away the excruciating pain I have in my knees and shoulder. It increases focus and if I am suffering any depression this kills it. Post workout, it lets me down easy for a soft landing. Best I have had. Love this company.

  11. I love the whites, but generally don’t react well afterwards. Tight muscles, clenchey jaw, more neck pain and migraines. However, LFK white elephant is different for me. It doesn’t have that 100 mile an hour feel, yet is still energizing and uplifting in a smooth subtle way that other whites can’t duplicate. It’s a keeper.

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