White Kapuas

White Kapuas

White Kapuas


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New & Improved

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New & Improved

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  1. First, I’ve searched vendors for the last 5 years looking for quality in products. I have never been disappointed in quality at Life Force Kratom. I was not expecting the amazing customer service, exceptional packaging, and personal touches. Every strain I have tried has been of superb quality, with long lasting properties. This was the first time I’ve tried the white strains, and holy batman, You will NOT be disappointed. Long lasting, and quick acting. Amazing stuff.

  2. I found when taking this strain it makes the workday seem so much faster. Helps me focus on task at hand and actually makes it somewhat enjoyable. Also helps with interacting with co-workers and managing with my chronic back pain.

  3. Really like this one, good energy and some pain relief

  4. Like Luke wrote, great for interacting with co-workers plus handling the strain and anxiety of the workday. Worth a try maybe it will be your go-to to also. 5-stars!

  5. If I had too recommended a white strain for getting things done this would be it. Some whites have a come down towards the end but white K tends not too have any rebound effects. Love this strain!

  6. Less potent than a few others, but still not too bad. For me, this feels more of a red strain than a white. I find it pretty sedating and great for sleep. Little bit uplifting in higher amounts. Not very energizing though. Overall I think this is still a great strain, just may not be ideal first thing in the morning. This is just what I’ve found personally, it may effect other people differently.

  7. I also have to add, when I said uplifting I meant in terms of euphoria.

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